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Work Experience

  • Software Engineer, daVinci Retail, Toronto, Canada

    Jun 2015-Mar 2016

    • Performed software development and maintenance for an assortment planning application across a J2EE architecture.
    • Made enhancements to the existing Java web application, including performance and functionality.
    • Maintained Oracle database, used SQL query and procedures to process data and generate reports, improved SQL procedures to produce a more stable and bug-free product.
    • Maintained an Android application (daVinci Analytics) to help users read planning reports on Android devices.
    • Worked in a team environment, also independently design, develop, test, and debug new software.
    • Participated in technical customer supporting to help solve software problems and enhance customer satisfaction.


  • University of Waterloo,Canada

    Sep 2013-Jun 2015

    Mater of Engineering
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Tianjin University, China

    Sep 2009-Jun 2013

    Bachelor of Engineering
    Photoelectric Information Engineering

Project Experience

  • Android game: Jump!

    Link->Google Play: Jump!

    Mar 2016

    • Individually developed an action Android game developed for practising and for fun
    • Using Android Play Game Services to develop more professional, easier to share Android games

  • Android game: Ellio

    Oct 2014

    • Individually developed an Android action game using Java
    • Strongly interested in building more fantastic and professional android applications

  • Cross platform game: Flappy Goose

    Link->Google Play: Flappy Goose

    Nov 2014

    • Individually developed an cross platform game running on Desktop, Android, iOS and HTML
    • Used Java and libGDX framework
    • Designed an user friendly Waterloo-style UI

  • Individual Android Applications

    Oct 2014-present

    • Everyday Notebook: An notebook that helps remind people their everyday life using text and images
    • Easy Calculator: An calculator which has fantastic UI and common functions
    • Good understanding of Android features like Android Fragments, Views, View Management, Services Adapters, AsyncTasks, Intent Receiver/Broadcasting, Threading
    • Experience with both Android Studio / IntelliJ and Eclipse

  • Automated Bug Detection Tool

    Mar 2014-Apr 2014

    • Built an Automated Bug Detection Tool using Java and LLVM tool
    • Conducted software testing using testing tools such as Valgrind, Coverity, JUnit and DAIKON
    • Tested software problems like memory error, false positives and invariant problems using software testing concepts

  • Hospital Management System

    Mar 2014-Apr 2014

    • Built a hospital management system using MySQL database knowledge
    • Designed a full-featured user-interface for the system
    • Completed front-end design using HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript
    • Implemented back-end design using Java, MySQL, JDBC

  • Personal web page

    May 2014-present

    • Design webpage using HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery
    • Develop and maintained the website with strong interest and great enthusiasm
    • Strongly interested in building more fantastic and professional websites

  • “San Ying Cup” Robot Contest

    May 2011-Dec 2012

    • Designed program for the robots using C language for two contests
    • Built a soccer game robot using Intel 80C52
    • SLed the design of a photoelectric vehicle using Intel 80C52

  • Railgun Guide Measuring System Design

    Jan 2013- Jun 2013

    • Designed a Railgun guide measuring system used in industry
    • Conducted laser measuring, CMOS image processing and optoelectronics measuring methods
    • Designed, optimized, and analyzed the system using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Matlab

  • National Students' Innovation Training Program

    Jul 2012- Mar 201

    • Led a study on two-parameters sensing based on Polarization-Maintaining Fiber Bragg Grating
    • Managed a team of five in conducting PMFBG sensing research and experiments
    • Analyzed data from the experiments using Matlab, LabVIEW and other tools
    • Awarded funding of 8,500 RMB

  • Work Experience

    • Deputy Technical Director, Team Leader of Chassis Group

      Jun 2011-May 2012

      • Participated in 2011 China Formula SAE Racing Competition
      • Sponsored by Harley-Davidson and awarded a funding of 100,000 RMB
      • Designed and initialed the chassis for a racing car using Pro/Engineering, SolidWorks and AutoCAD
      • Completed the oral defense part on behalf of the whole racing team in the competition
      • Won 5th among the first-year teams

    • Teacher Assistant, Research Assistant

      Mar 2011- Mar 2013

      • Teacher Assistant of Student Innovation Lab in School of Precision Instrument and Optoelectronics Engineering
      • Coordinated students experiments and assisted in daily management of the laboratory

    Volunteer Experience

    • Volunteer in History Museum of Tianjin University

      Sep 2010- Nov 2011

      • Lectured on the history of Tianjin University and assisted in the guest reception
      • Devoted to volunteer work in communities; Accumulated working hours exceeded 40 hours

    • Historical heritage protection investigate to Xi’an

      Jul 2010

      • Conducted research and investigated the efforts of people to protect the historical heritage

    • Commissary in charge of Studies

      Sep 2009-Jun 2013

      • Facilitated communication between teachers and students
      • Motivated the class to actively participate in the class, assisted in collecting and appraising the assignments

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